Snowkey Flake Ice Evaporator F600S (60T/D)


Structure design

During the design and development of the evaporator, the internal structure is paid great attention to improve the heat transfer efficiency, and the special processing technology is adopted to ensure the smooth circuit.

Energy efficient

The scraping type of ice making is adopted. The evaporator is not moved, when the ice blade scrapes the ice on the inner wall, thereby reducing the energy loss, ensuring the normal supply of the refrigerant and avoiding refrigerant leakage.

Special material

The material of the evaporator is made of special alloy material, which has high heat conductivity and meets the Specifications of Refrigeration Pressure Vessel.

Unique processing technology

We have specially developed a set of  processing method, for welding, heat treatment and stress relief processes, to ensure product quality.

Water recirculation system

The water flows against the inner wall of the ice maker, then flows into the water tray at the bottom, and then flows into the water tank. The large-area water receiving tray is designed to avoid dripping,  causing caking in the ice storage.

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